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Nun and Kun Expedition

Num and Kum Expedition, Ladakh

The Nun Kun is a pair of Himalayan Peaks; Nun, 7,135 m and Kun, 7,077m. Nun is the highest peak in the Himalayan range lying on the Indian side of the Line of Control. Nun and Kun are separated by a plateau of snow, and are located near Suru Valley about 100 kms east of Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir.

The first ascent of Kun was by and Italian mountaineer Mario Piacenza in 1913, followed 58 years later by the second ascent made by the Indian army. Now, with all the right equipment and training, it is just a matter of adventure for a mountaineer.

The climbing season in Ladakh extends from mid - May to mid -October, the ideally between June to September, the period not affected by the monsoons.

The Nun Kun Massif, being a very popular climbing area of the region is booked out from months ahead, sometimes years, by climbing expeditions, therefore advance arrangements is a necessity.

The approach to the twin peaks is from Parkachik, on the Kargil-Padum Road, about 70-km south of Kargil. The main approach is either from Tangole or Gulmadong. Some expeditions have also approached from Parkutse along the Kangri Glacier. To reach the base camp for Kun it is necessary to cross the Suru River.

It is considered one of the most challenging climbing destinations in the. Great Himalayas. Foreign climbing expeditions are required to obtain permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for climbing listed peaks, the minimum period for processing applications being 6 months. Authorized expeditions are provided with adequate rescue back-up and coverage.

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