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Ladakh Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Mirthful Week-long Festivity

The Ladakh Festival is a major event organized in Leh by the Jammu & Kashmir Tourism department. It is held from 1st to 15th September every year, to promote and maintain the rich heritage of Ladakh’s age-old culture. Various cultural troupes and villages participate in this extravaganza of ceremonial costume, dance, song and skill. There is archery for males and dancing for females and mask dances by the lamas of sacred monasteries.


Generally the festival starts from 1st September and continues till 15th September and thus, it lasts for 15 days.


Harvesting is a time of rejoice and celebrations for people. Each place in India has its own festival celebrating this time. Agriculture in Ladakh is a serious profession and holds importance among locals.


A pile of stones casts a shadow, which is advised to decide different activities that are required to be done. An astrologer is also consulted. In order to pacify the elements, prayers are offered during Ladakh harvest festival.


The festival reflects a blend of traditions and has influences of the Asian, Tibetan and North Indian.
It captures the finest display of colour, art and handicrafts. The traditions and its music through theatre exhibit and folk dances. The festivities also spill over to Kargil district and Zanskar valley.


A polo tournament by the name of "Ladakh Festival Cup" is also hosted, and a Central Asian trade mart is held in Leh Bazaar. The monks perform the masked dance and the festival concludes with a final parade passing through the streets of Ladakh. Archery along with ancient social and cultural ceremonies encompassing art and handicrafts are the other features of the event. Music, theatre and wedding ceremonies are solemnized daily along with folk dances.

Indulge in limitless rejoicings of prosperous traditional and cultural oodles at Harvest Festival in Ladakh!

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