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Padum Alchi Trek

Padum Alchi Trek

This is a long, arduous, and sometimes difficult trek of about 13/14 days. An interesting route, one gets the opportunity to explore old monasteries dating back to the 11th century at Wangla, Mang Gyu and Alchi.

Day 1 - Padum to Karsha. Drive from Kargil to Padum and start a pleasant 3-hour walk to Karsha. Visi the Karsha monastery, on of the most important in Zanskar region, dating back to the 15th century.

Day 2 - Karsha to Pishu – about 5/6 hours trek through dusty paths, and the longest hanging bridge spanning 55 metres, making the second day, a relatively easy trek.

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Day 3 - Pishu to Hanumil – 5/6 hours. Follow the left bank of the Zanskar river to arrive at Pidmu from where it is a 2-hour easy walk to Hanumil.

Day 4 - Hanumil to Purfi La(3,900m) to Snertse – about 6 hours. A steep and difficult climb of about 4 hours to Purfi La, then a steep descent to Oma-Chu river, and another hour across a sandy slope will bring you to the campsite at Snertse.

Day 5 - Snretse to Hanumala (4,700m) to Lingshad – about 7 hours. Two hours of ascent through gorges, and another 2 hours of trek will bring you to Hanuma La. Another kilometer of steep descent and climb for half a kilometer will get you to the Campsite at Lingshad.

Day 6 - Lingshad to the foot of Singe-La – about 6 hours. An easy climb of an hour to Margum La (4,100m), where we have a wonderful view of the Nierag valley, then cross the villages of Gongma and Skiumpata, and then up an ascent to Kuba La. Continue the climb to the foot of the Singe La for an over-night halt.

Day 7 - Foot of the Singe La to Singe La to Photoskar – about 7 hours. From the camp, it is about 2 hours to the top of the pass, after which a short descent opens out to a broad valley. Climb to the Boumitse La (4,200m), descend through barley fields to Photoskar village to halt for the day.

Day 8 - Photoskar to Sisir La(4,000m) to Hanupatta – about 6 hours. A gentle climb of about an hour aand a half brings you to Sisir- La. Descend to the river, cross the bridge and walk the stony valley to arrive at the campsite a little before Hanupatta.

Day 9 - Hanupatta to Wanla/Shilla - about 6/7 hours. Head down towards the Photang Valley and climb up the Panji La pass (3,410m), and finally descend to Wanla. Either camp here at Wanla.

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Day 10 - Wanla to Urshi -  about 4 hours. From Wanla, follow the Yapola river on the left for about 2 hours upto Penji La, then up the valley for about an hour, then head north along the stream to Urshi. Cross the village and camp near the pass.

Day 11 - Urshi to Tar al (5,250m) to Tar Village -  about 8 hours. This is a well marked but difficult for about 5 hours until Tar La (5,250m) Descend for about 3 hours to reach Tar village.

Day 12 - Tar village to Mang Gyu – about 5 hours. Walk along the mountainside to a new pass, then descend to Mang Gyu, a beautiful village with an equally beautiful monastery. Camp by the stream, which is below the village.

Day 13 - Mang Gyu to Alchi – about 5 hours. A well-walked path leads to a beautiful, narrow valley. After two hours through this valley, you will reach Gera village in the Indus valley (from here, a bridge across the Indus leads to the Kargil-Leh road). Follow upstream for about 3 hours to Lardo, and then trek another half an hour to Alchi. Visit the 11th century monastery.

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